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New editors are joining English Wikipedia in droves?

After deliberation I decided to publish this story as one article despite its length, for clarity sake. *Dec 7th: I changed the exclamation mark into a question mark. See also remark at end of this blog on how to interpret … Continue reading

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Partipication level, a new metric

Article count, a well established but corroding metric For many years the key metric that wikimedians and outside observers (e.g. press) have used to describe the success of our projects has been article count. We use this metric for trend … Continue reading

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Wikipedia’s Growth Animated

For Wikimania 2009 I updated this animation, which I had first published in March 2008. Thanks to Hans Rosling for inspiration. I chose to use newest technology for implementation (html 5, canvas object, javascript only). Hence the animation runs only … Continue reading

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On edits and submits

In the week before the Wikimedia Developer Conference in Berlin in April 2009 I published a set of reports that analyzed Wikimedia’s traffic. I quote from the blog post that announced these reports: “Fact: index.php with action=edit is issued roughly … Continue reading

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Wikimedia’s almost perfect memory

Many editors and readers of Wikimedia projects (and other Mediawiki wikis) may know that for every article the full history of prior revisions is available online, for static linking, edit comparisons and browsing. Even most of these better informed people … Continue reading

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Quantifying volunteer contribution

Here is an interesting albeit hypothetical question: “If all volunteer work done by the Wikimedia community had been done instead by a commercial company, how much would that have cost? Of course there is no definitive answer to this, given … Continue reading

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