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New Edit and Revert Stats

Finally on popular request edit/revert stats will now be generated each month for all Wikimedia projects. For the largest Wikipedias some new charts are already online: English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Dutch. Other wikis will follow in coming weeks. … Continue reading

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What Wikipedia readers devour

Recently I wrote a new tool for Wikipedia which makes good use of the consolidated page request files and the page category system, to rank thematic sets of Wikipedia pages by popularity. Tool and request files are both hobby projects. Visually … Continue reading

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Evernote ignores security flaw for months

Usually this blog is about Wikimedia statistics. Today I need to digress. My favorite cross-platform archival system is the hugely popular Evernote. I use Evernote for all kinds of data and images, and love the product. So much that I stored … Continue reading

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Wikistats editor counts are broken (upd recovery complete)

Wikistats editor counts are too low for some languages, for all reported months. The issue has made it into the German Wikipedia’s “Kurier” newsletter (18.1) , and is discussed at this page. First, there has not been a definition change or … Continue reading

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Wikimedia Usage Share By Browser

The following breakdowns of non-mobile and mobile traffic are based on our squid logs. Note how share of mobile usage peaks every year around Christmas. Note how mobile here is to be taken as ‘traffic from mobile devices’ not as … Continue reading

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Wikipedia is still Wikimedia’s largest project

Since early 2008 we publish traffic stats per Wikimedia wiki in detailed reports. In the past 4 years the relative proportion of page requests per project did not change much. All projects received more traffic, more or less in proportion to … Continue reading

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Saving lifetimes

One days Jobs came into the cubicle of Larry Kenyon, an engineer who was working on the Macintosh operating system, and complained that it was taking too long to boot up. Kenyon started to explain, but Job cut him off. … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Mobile Traffic II

Three months ago I blogged about mobile traffic to Wikipedia. I explained how we track two different metrics: on one hand traffic to our mobile site, on the other hand traffic from mobile devices (as detected from the so called … Continue reading

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Wikipedia edits visualized

Today I present a new animated visualization of Wikipedia edits. >> Animation <<   >> Screenshots << It shows all edit events for all Wikipedia’s on one random day. Currently this is 14 February 10 May 2011. On that particular … Continue reading

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