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Which single Wikimedia metric would inspire you most?

The statistics we maintain within the Wikimedia movement broadly fall into two categories. Part is there to inspire us, with limited feedback to our daily activities. Part is there to reveal patterns or to signal mishaps, both meant to lead … Continue reading

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New editors are joining English Wikipedia in droves?

After deliberation I decided to publish this story as one article despite its length, for clarity sake. *Dec 7th: I changed the exclamation mark into a question mark. See also remark at end of this blog on how to interpret … Continue reading

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Numbers and Strategy: the Flip Side

My previous post “Numbers and Strategy” warned for over-reliance on numbers during strategic decision making. First a disclaimer: neither that post nor this one are comments on specifics of the Wikimedia Strategic Planning process (although of course triggered by it, … Continue reading

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Numbers and Strategy

Are solid metrics essential in a strategic debate? I want to talk about the pitfalls that come with over-reliance. This post is not to debunk rational thinking in the decision making process, although I do question the supremacy of ratio … Continue reading

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42 demystified

There is an almost foolproof geek test. Stand in front of a person and just say “42“. If the subject of your inquisitiveness smiles knowingly, he or she is a geek. There are many theories why Douglas Adams chose this … Continue reading

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PARC study on Wikipedia’s topical distribution

Today I learned through Wikipedia’s Signpost of a new study published by PARC researchers titled “What’s in Wikipedia? Mapping Topics and Conflict Using Socially Annotated Category Structure”. Signpost: “Based on the categories assigned to each article, coverage is sorted according … Continue reading

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Alexa website overhauled

From early days till 2008 web information company Alexa‘s web traffic stats were almost exclusively relied on to rank the Wikimedia projects against other web properties. The rise of Wikipedia in the ranks from a top 100,000 to a top … Continue reading

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The Wikipedia Revolution

Finally, Andrew Lih’s book The Wikipedia Revolution: How a bunch of nobodies created the world’s greatest encyclopedia will be launched officially tomorrow, March 19. I have been looking forward to this launch for a long time, and fully expect the … Continue reading

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About two months ago Wikimedia CTO Brion Vibber raised the file upload limit for our image servers to 100 megabytes in order to make space for larger movies. Today I learned of a new project that might make picture stills … Continue reading

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Phase transition

Today I start my part-time (40%) job at the Wikimedia Foundation. In my capacity of Data Analyst I will, as Brion put it:  “continue to maintain and develop code to provide critical operational metrics about our projects. A key first … Continue reading

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