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New Edit and Revert Stats

Finally on popular request edit/revert stats will now be generated each month for all Wikimedia projects. For the largest Wikipedias some new charts are already online: English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Dutch. Other wikis will follow in coming weeks. … Continue reading

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Wiki Loves Monuments 2010-2012 – Retention / Stats per Country

A few weeks ago, at the Amsterdam Hackaton, Lodewijk Gelauff (aka Effeietsanders) asked me to look into the Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) data and provide a list of images, who uploaded them, when, and for which country. Primary goal: to … Continue reading

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What Wikipedia readers devour

Recently I wrote a new tool for Wikipedia which makes good use of the consolidated page request files and the page category system, to rank thematic sets of Wikipedia pages by popularity. Tool and request files are both hobby projects. Visually … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon bombings

On April 15, 2013 at 2.49 PM local time (EDT) two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. At 3.19 PM the first mention of the tragedy was made on the English Wikipedia in article Boston Marathon. At … Continue reading

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Monthly edits on Wikimedia wikis still on the rise

This chart shows that the overall volume of manual edits by registered users on all Wikimedia wikis combined is still increasing, slowly but steadily. When we substract rookie edits (arbitrarily set to first 100) the rise of highly effective edits … Continue reading

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Which single Wikimedia metric would inspire you most?

The statistics we maintain within the Wikimedia movement broadly fall into two categories. Part is there to inspire us, with limited feedback to our daily activities. Part is there to reveal patterns or to signal mishaps, both meant to lead … Continue reading

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Monthly page requests, new archives and reports

The compaction of hourly page request files into daily, then daily into monthly is now operational. I fixed and simplified earlier scripts. For Dec 2012 data reduction is as follows: 744 hourly files: 65 Gb compressed 31 daily files: 16 … Continue reading

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Wikipedia page reads, breakdown by region

As we know in some regions of the world people have more easily access to Wikipedia than in others. The majority of reads come from the so called Global North (*). Now is this unbalance between North and South diminishing? Not … Continue reading

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Evernote ignores security flaw for months

Usually this blog is about Wikimedia statistics. Today I need to digress. My favorite cross-platform archival system is the hugely popular Evernote. I use Evernote for all kinds of data and images, and love the product. So much that I stored … Continue reading

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Growth in article count at largest 20 Wikipedias

There is a lot of variation in article growth rate among mature Wikipedias. Growth slows down at some, is steady or even accelerates at others. Many have tried to model these trends. I have little to offer in explanation but … Continue reading

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