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WikiProject Medicine Translation Task Force

At Wikimania 2014 James Heilman – Canadian emergency room physician – gave a presentation on Wikipedia and Medicine . He explained how leading non-profit health organizations like the Cochrane Collaboration, Cancer Research UK and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) help … Continue reading

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Setting the standard for a new unit of measurement can be tedious and even hazardous

A small essay for your amusement: I am reading a book about how some of today’s most fundamental units of measurement were defined and calibrated. The more precision one requires, the harder a measurement becomes (this was an known adagium even … Continue reading

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Isotype diagrams are now easier to build on Wikipedia

Did you ever study a table with many large numbers, where the moment you put it away you realized nothing from what you just saw had stuck? I guess most of us suffer from this handicap that large numbers are … Continue reading

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Traffic to Wikipedia’s mobile site is growing fast

Since 2008 WMF count monthly page views for the non-mobile site. Since June 2010 also for the mobile site. From the respective monthly totals we can calculate which share of the traffic goes to the mobile site. Evidently this share … Continue reading

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Wiki Loves Monuments 2013

This gallery contains 5 photos.

ere are some charts on the breakdown by country of contributions and contributors to Wiki Loves Monuments 2013. Better late than never. I meant to publish this together with retention stats, but those are still in the pipeline, and may … Continue reading

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Reassessment of active editors

Yesterday I discovered a bug in wikistats which affects our editor counts for the last 2 years. Wikistats does flag users as ‘anonymous’ based on pattern recognition, rather than relying on the <ip> tag. Reason: many anons with other pattern … Continue reading

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Portal can now be searched

Wikimedia stats portal now features more tools and reports than ever (57 and growing). An often heard complaint was that the portal was a bit overwhelming and hard to navigate. Two changes hopefully help you find what you need with … Continue reading

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Full archive dumps are being processed again, first since 2010

There is not Wikistats issue for which I received more mails than this: since 2010 some metrics on article content were no longer updated: word count, articles above 200 chars, mean size in bytes, percentage above 0.5 or 2 Kb, database … Continue reading

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Wikimedia editor trends broken down by project

Since a few years we present monthly deduplicated totals for active and very active editors. Deduplicated meaning: every editor only counts once, regardless of number of wikis edited. We never collected similar trends on a per project basis. So to … Continue reading

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Total editors on Wikipedia compared with same on all Wikimedia wikis

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