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Browse winning Wiki Loves Monuments images offline

  The pages on Wikimedia Commons which list the winners of the yearly contests [1] contain a feature ‘Watch as Slideshow!’. Works great. However, wouldn’t it be nice if you could also show these images offline (outside a browser), annotated … Continue reading

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Wiki Loves Monuments 2016

In 2016 Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) has been a top ranking project community initiative in terms of attention raised. Here are further stats on that contest. The charts follow the layout used in this blog in earlier years, but the … Continue reading

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Wikistats’ days will be over soon. Long live Wikistats 2.0!

(tl;dr)Vote on Wikistats reports you want to see migrated Dear Wikistats users, With a mixture of melancholy and relief, I announce my withdrawal from the Wikistats project at the end of this summer, thirteen years after I started it. I … Continue reading

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Wikistats upgraded to new page view definition

tl;dr New and upgraded Wikistats data files, reports and charts, with cleaner metrics. Recently Wikimedia Foundation has upgraded its data feeds for hourly page view counts, using a new definition which excludes crawler traffic. These new data are now available from … Continue reading

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Active editor trends as year-over-year changes

For many years I publish active editors trends for all Wikimedia wikis, see e.g. these summaries. Here I’d like to present these same editor trends in a slighty different way, which may help to show there is some cause for … Continue reading

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New Wikistats report, for once about Wikistats itself

There is a new Wikistats report, which as an exception (and one-off) reports about Wikistats itself. It shows which reports on are most popular, how many ‘unique’ (sort of) people requested those reports, and how often. To this end all traffic to … Continue reading

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Wiki Loves Africa 2014 – Celebrating African Cuisine

The first Wiki Loves Africa media contest was held in 2014, October and November. People could contribute with photos, videos and interviews. There was a great response in many countries all over Africa, with overall 873 unique contributors. Soon there … Continue reading

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Wiki Loves Monuments 2014

Here are results of Wiki Loves Monument (WLM) 2014 contest. Some charts are about image uploads. Some about image uploaders, also known as contributors. Countries With 41 participating countries, 11 less than in 2013, that is again an awesome achievement. … Continue reading

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WikiProject Medicine Translation Task Force

At Wikimania 2014 James Heilman – Canadian emergency room physician – gave a presentation on Wikipedia and Medicine . He explained how leading non-profit health organizations like the Cochrane Collaboration, Cancer Research UK and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) help … Continue reading

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Setting the standard for a new unit of measurement can be tedious and even hazardous

A small essay for your amusement: I am reading a book about how some of today’s most fundamental units of measurement were defined and calibrated. The more precision one requires, the harder a measurement becomes (this was an known adagium even … Continue reading

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