Wiki Loves Monuments 2016

In 2016 Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) has been a top ranking project community initiative in terms of attention raised.

Here are further stats on that contest. The charts follow the layout used in this blog in earlier years, but the data have now been collected from another WLM stats tools wlm-stats. For added depth see also this Wikimedia blog post.

Participating countries in 2016 WLM contest

Map of countries participating in Wiki Loves Monuments 2016

Some charts are about image uploads.
One is about image uploaders, also known as contributors.


With 44 participating countries, 9 more than in 2015, the 2016 contest ranks second after 2013, when 53 countries participated. (See first table). 8 countries participated for the first time: Bangladesh, Georgia, Greece, Malta, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru and South Korea.

In those 7 years since WLM started 7 countries participated 6 times: Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden.

The contest ran in different countries during different periods (mostly because different calendars are in use, and the aim is to run the contest for a full calendar month).

List of countries that participated, per year

Participants per year to Wiki Loves Monuments contest (click to zoom)



The 2016 in total 277,406 images were uploaded, which is 20% more than in 2015.


In 2016 Germany contributed most images: 38,809





In 2016 India and United States excelled in number of uploaders: 1784 vs 1783. As the measured numbers fluctuate a bit over time (there is always ongoing vetting), I suggest we call this an ex aequo first place.


Edit activity on Commons

Two Wikistats diagrams: every year the Wiki Loves Monuments contest brings peak activity on Commons. The second peak earlier in the year, mostly since 2014, is result of the Wiki Loves Earth contest.

Charts also available on Wikimedia CommonsPlotEditorsCOMMONS_updated

In 2016 the September peak (WLM) in uploads is again much more visible than the June peak (WLE). See also: this Wiki-loves yearly results page.


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