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Click to show full size (1136×640), e.g. for iPhone 5


The pages on Wikimedia Commons which list the winners of the yearly contests [1] contain a feature ‘Watch as Slideshow!’. Works great.

However, wouldn’t it be nice if you could also show these images offline (outside a browser), annotated and resized for minimal footprint?

Most end-of-year vacations I do a hobby project for Wikipedia. This time I worked on a script [2] [3] to make the above happen. The script does the following:

  • Download all images from Wiki Loves Monuments winners pages [1]
  • Collect image, author and license info for each image on those winners pages
  • or if not available there, collect these meta data from the upload pages on Commons
  • Resize the images so they are exactly the required size
  • Annotate the image unobtrusively in a matching font size:
    contest year, country, title, author, license

Font size used for 2560×1600 image


  • Prefix the downloaded image for super easy filtering on year and/or countrywlm-winners-file-list-detail

I pre-rendered several sets with common image sizes, ready for download. You can request an extra set for other common screen sizes [4] [5]:


For instance the 1920×1080 set is ideal for HDTV (e.g. for Appl
e TV screensaver) or large iPhones. On TV the texts are readable by itself, on phone some manual zooming is needed (but unobtrusiveness is key).

[1] 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
[2] The script has been tested on Windows 10.
Prerequisites: curl and ImageMagicks convert (in same folder).
[3] I am actually already rewriting the script, separating it into two scripts, to make it more modular and more generally applicable. First script will extract information from WLM/WLE (WLA?) winners pages and image upload pages, and generate a csv file. Second script will read this csv, download images, resize and annotate them. I will announce the git url here when done.
[4] 4K is a bit too large for easy upload. I may do that later when the script can also run on WMF servers.
[5] Current sets are optimal for e.g. HDTV and new iPhones (again, others may follow):
1920×1080 HDTV and iPhone 6+/7+
1334×750 iPhone 6/6s/7
1136×640 iPhone 5/5s 

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