Wikistats’ days will be over soon. Long live Wikistats 2.0!

(tl;dr)Vote on Wikistats reports you want to see migrated

Dear Wikistats users,

With a mixture of melancholy and relief, I announce my withdrawal from the Wikistats project at the end of this summer, thirteen years after I started it. I will continue doing other stats work for WMF.

Wikistats has been a labor of love, and was built in close cooperation with the Wikimedia community. There are aspects of Wikistats in which I still take pride: equal treatment of all projects, some level of multi language support, all dump based metrics available for all years since 2001, to name a few. Other aspects were less to like, even grew from a nuisance into a pain over the years: the scripts are monolithic, and really hard to maintain, even for me, as they grew increasingly complex, and with hardly any documentation. I’ve never made a secret of those deficiencies. Being the sole maintainer for many years, besides doing other stats work, for me to rewrite Wikistats and make it future proof was simply out of the question. Over the last half year the WMF Analytics Team migrated the data feed for Wikistats traffic reports to hadoop, and built some awesome new reports. Other reports were upgraded. In the coming months my colleagues will focus on replacing a selection of the remaining Wikistats reports, priority yet to be decided, based on your feedback. Of course the Wikistats scripts will still be available for reuse on other projects, but I have recommended against investing in their maintenance at WMF. That might have been the better choice years ago, but we passed that point.

Half a year ago I asked your input to a survey on which traffic reports should be migrated first. Now I want to ask you: which Wikistats content and activity reports (aka dump reports) would you want to see continued in a new form (probably with more awesome improvements)?

Please visit this new survey which contains a list of available reports, and state your preferences.

Thank you!

Erik Zachte

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17 Responses to Wikistats’ days will be over soon. Long live Wikistats 2.0!

  1. Ziko says:

    Hey Erik, compelling news. I am curious about the future, but I am also thankful for the past. I used those statistics quite often and like to see them preserved for historical reference. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for all your effort in doing this. I have had much use of the stats.

  3. Long live Wikistats, indeed! Thirteen years — wow. What an amazing, critically important accomplishment. Thanks, as always, for everything that you do, Erik! Hope you’re doing wonderfully.

  4. Frank Schulenburg says:

    Erik, thank you so much for your work. I’ve been an avid user of your statistics since I joined Wikipedia in 2006. You’ve been one of my greatest Wiki heroes and you’ll always remain.

  5. GerardM says:

    In my blog the stats were used a lot. long live history What I hope for is that clear pointers will be available for consumers. Do not make the new data hard to use.

  6. Many thanks for all your efforts over the years. I’ve had much use of all relevant and interesting statistics, updating articles about the respective Wikipedias, making promotional material, public speeches and more. I’ll take part in the survey and chime in about what I like. For what it’s worth, these stats ( were my absolute favourite, trying to understand the development of mother tongues in their mother country). And as others have said, please let the old stats at least be available for historical background. Have a happy life.

  7. Sandra Rientjes says:

    Hi Erik. Many thanks for all your work. I have used the stats often when giving presentations or talking to journalists. And also thank you for always being willing to answer questions and provide additional info.

  8. -jkb- says:

    Hi Erik, since 2004 I learned to use the stats and I was quite often angry when the server was down or for any other reason that crashed the connection toit. Thanks for that, a lot indeed.

  9. Elitre says:

    Thanks a lot for everything you do, Erik! Is there a deadline for that survey? Thanks.

  10. Erik says:

    Thanks all for the nice comments. I appreciate it!

    Several of you asked to keep these stats online for historic purposes. That’s also my preference, and one reason why Wikistats 2.0 will be hosted elsewhere (also to avoid confusion between old and new).

    @Elitre, no there is no deadline. I suppose the de facto deadline is when Analytics Team is going to decide priorities. There will be at least a few weeks before that happens. They are doing preparatory work now.

  11. Siska says:

    Erik, without you there will be no project for us since there’s no way to measure it. Wikimedia Indonesia won’t be where it is today, we would also be walking in the dark for the smaller local language, of which, we know in terrible condition but we don’t know how terrible. Without your work, we will be guessing…
    And we will be wrong.

  12. CristianCantoro says:

    Thank you so much Erik! I have been using Wikistats a lot over the years. I am looking forward to the new system. Thank you!

  13. Abhay Natu says:

    I’ve been using these stats for motivating myself and others to contribute more. Thanks for standing these up and keeping it going through the years.

    Any idea on when stats 2.0 will be beta/live?

  14. James Heilman says:

    These stats have been key to convincing the wider world to take us seriously. Thank you for your years of work.

  15. Nemo says:

    Annoying that the word count disappeared retroactively now. 🙁

  16. Abhay Natu says:

    Old stats have not been updated since May 31, 2017.

    Experiencing data withdrawal syndrome! :-/ 🙂

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