New Wikistats report, for once about Wikistats itself

There is a new Wikistats report, which as an exception (and one-off) reports about Wikistats itself. It shows which reports on are most popular, how many ‘unique’ (sort of) people requested those reports, and how often.

To this end all traffic to in April 2015 has been analyzed. A pretty rigorous filtering process removed most bot traffic (perhaps even erring on the side of low counts). First all explicit bot traffic was removed (based on the user agent string), then lots of implicit bot traffic was filtered as well (where request patterns showed bot-like behavior). In the end only 3.2% of all html requests to qualified for the analysis, and only 78% of the ip addresses (see footer notes).

Most table rows are about a functionally equivalent set of reports, with first three columns showing the overall total for the entire set. The right-most column lists the 10 most popular unique files within that set, with number of requests per file. For conciseness those top 10 files are only shown when you hover over the first link in that column.

The files have been distributed over two tables which reflects the most important dichotomy in Wikistats: reports are about
– database content and content creators, with counts distilled from xml dumps, or
– site traffic, with counts distilled from Kraken (either via 1:1000 sampled log, or hourly aggregations)

See for more this Wikistats Overview diagram (the new report cross-links to this diagram in column ‘srce’).

These numbers should not be taken too lightly as a measure of the relative importance of any report. Popularity of a report is just one factor in the weighing process.

Note: Unique visitors is by necessity an approximation. Some people may have accessed the site several times over the month, using a provider which hands out dynamic ip addresses. But on the assumption that few people will visits the site on more than one occasion and also have a dynamic address, that may not affect the overall counts that much, also relative popularity of different reports will be even less affected.


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  1. Nemo says:

    Greast! Will study it later. I wish someone reviewed the patch for (or I wish there was some “resolver” on WikiStats which redirected people from, say, /redir/ to /wikiquote/EN/TablesWikipediaIT.htm or even /wikiquote/IT/TablesWikipediaIT.htm ).

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