Wiki Loves Africa 2014 – Celebrating African Cuisine

The first Wiki Loves Africa media contest was held in 2014, October and November.

People could contribute with photos, videos and interviews. There was a great response in many countries all over Africa, with overall 873 unique contributors. Soon there will be winners and prizes. The organizers should feel proud of what they accomplished.

Food from Tunisia
Kaouther Bedoui CC BY-SA 4.0
Jafri Ali CC BY-SA 4.0

Thanks to Romaine for supplying many country specific templates and categories on short notice. These can be counted with a script. Here are charts for contributions/uploads and contributors per country.

WLA uploads 2014
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WLA contributors 2014
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Images on this page are from the first jury selection. For all images browse Wiki Loves Africa categories.

By the way, did you know? “The chick which is always near its mother eats the best part of the grasshopper”. (Kenyan proverb)

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