Wiki Loves Monuments 2014

Here are results of Wiki Loves Monument (WLM) 2014 contest.


Some charts are about image uploads.
Some about image uploaders, also known as contributors.


With 41 participating countries, 11 less than in 2013, that is again an awesome achievement. (See first table). 8 countries participated for the first time: Albania, Iraq, Ireland, Kosovo, Lebanon, Macedonia, Pakistan, Palestinian Territory.

In those 5 years since WLM started 14 countries each participated 4 times: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway,  Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

The contest ran in different countries during different periods.



The number of images uploaded was 268,667, which is 72% of last year’s record count (375,160).


All contest taken together, Poland contributed by far the most images:
a whopping 161,250.


Same data as previous chart, with yearly results unstacked.


Ukraine contributed most images in 2014: 46350.



Italy ranked first in number of contributors in 2014: 1045.


The largest volunteer base of any year in any country is still India,
where in 2012 2089 volunteers contributed to the contest.


A every year the peak in activity around WLM is easily detectable
in Wikistats charts for Commons, e.g.


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