Portal stats.wikimedia.org can now be searched

Wikimedia stats portal stats.wikimedia.org now features more tools and reports than ever (57 and growing). An often heard complaint was that the portal was a bit overwhelming and hard to navigate.

Two changes hopefully help you find what you need with more ease. First all entries are now in one huge list, no artificial breakdown between internal and external tools. By itself this list may be even more daunting in size, but the new search feature aims to address just that.

You can now filter entries by keywords. Descriptions and search tags will be scanned. The search then returns a table of content, followed by qualifying full entries.

Like before each entry briefly describes a few highlights of the tool, and features a rather small screenshot. This screenshot is not meant to explain the tool or report in detail (it may even be hard to read). Its function is twofold: primarily it can help you find back a report which you used earlier, and which you may still recognize from its visual appearance. It also gives a clue for at a glance scanning for type of output, e.g. tables vs charts.



* Primary objective was to make the current portal easier to use with limited coding effort, short payback time. Any more substantial overhaul is not ruled out, but currently not on the agenda of the Wikimedia Analytics Team.
* Any feedback is of course welcome: suggestions for functional improvement, for entries to add, for keywords to add, for fixing minor layout quirks.
* Current focus is on publicly accessible tools and reports. None of the entries leads to a page which requires log in.
* You’ll find an entry for Wikipedia visualizations, but those can’t be searched individually (yet).
* Even some defunct reports are listed (but clearly marked as such). Partly because some of these are dearly missed and can serve as inspiration for future replacements.

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