Wikimedia editor trends broken down by project

Since a few years we present monthly deduplicated totals for active and very active editors. Deduplicated meaning: every editor only counts once, regardless of number of wikis edited. We never collected similar trends on a per project basis. So to make up for this, last week I ran some special iterations of Wikistats to collect active editors trends per project.

I want to share with you four charts, as they were presented at today’s Metrics Meeting. There will be a follow-up study, but here are a few quick observations:

1) First chart is the big picture,

  • where English editor community is still somewhat shrinking (but most of that happened earlier)
  • where all non-English Wikipedias combined are fairly stable
  • where non-Wikipedias combined show significant growth especially in 2013

2) Second chart focuses on two largest non Wikipedia projects: Commons and new project Wikidata (together these make up most of the orange line in first chart).

Note how the large peaks in Commons editorship in September are result of hugely successful Wiki Loves Monuments contests

3) Third chart shows smaller Wikimedia projects which are stable or growing

4) Fourth chart shows smaller projects which are slightly or significantly shrinking

Thanks to Dario Taraborelli for inquiring about these metrics. He and I will look into this further, possibly checking correlation with page view trends.


UniqueActiveEditorsOnLargestNonWikipedias UniqueActiveEditorsOnSmallProjects-Growth UniqueActiveEditorsOnSmallProjects-Decline




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3 Responses to Wikimedia editor trends broken down by project

  1. Nemo says:

    Nice, thank you. It’s always nice to be unencumbered by the noise and darkness produced by the English Wikipedia in our minds.
    It’s sad to see yet another graph showing the decline of Wikibooks (not to speak of Wikinews), but hurray! for Wikiquote resisting: Wikiquote is our third most visited projects and is quite good at attracting newbies (at least in some languages; not German).
    Also very interesting that the huge CentralNotice promotion campaign for Wikivoyage didn’t substantially move total editors compared to January 2012 (hence I’d call it a failure), but Wikidata clearly had an impact on the deduplicated total (hence it’s a success, but we can’t compare current totals to 2012 and earlier totals).

  2. Nemo says:

    Heh, it seems someone was unable to read the graph on Wikiquote etc. even though I considered it obvious on my comment above.

  3. Nemo says:

    Ah, and that peak in late 2013 for Wikisource is a contest (for the 10th birthday) they made on it.source with a couple other languages, inviting all readers (also on Wikipedia) to proofread a test.

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