New Edit and Revert Stats

Finally on popular request edit/revert stats will now be generated each month for all Wikimedia projects. For the largest Wikipedias some new charts are already online: English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Dutch. Other wikis will follow in coming weeks.

For each wiki there will be a separate page with charts and tables. Charts come in two variations: raw data and trend lines (this may see overkill, but on some wikis one variation is more readable than the other, depending on line patterns) . Tables tell you what kind of content is reverted most, for which users, and by which users and bots.

Some examples:

Edits and reverts on English Wikipedia
The sharp peak in bot edits in 2013 is caused by the migration of interwiki links to Wikidata. You will see in coming months that on many wikis bot edit counts will decline to far below Dec 2012 level, as most interwiki bots stopped working.
Revert ratio on Dutch Wikipedia

On many wikis there is a very distinct seasonal pattern for revert ratio. Here you see how on the Dutch Wikipedia far less anonymous edits are reverted in summer, and a bit less around Christmas. Most probably there is less vandalism in those periods, as schools are closed. Perhaps there are also less edit patrollers on duty during vacations, and more bad edits slip through?
Revert ratio on Spanish Wikipedia

On the Spanish Wikipedia the dip in revert ratio occurs every half year. Same goes for the Portuguese Wikipedia (new charts not yet available). There is a simple explanation: both wikis are edited intensely in the northern and southern hemisphere, with different holiday seasons.
Reverts by actor and acted upon
Breakdown of reverts on English Wikipedia
Most active reverters

Who reverts most? Who and what is reverted most? Here for the English Wikipedia.
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3 Responses to New Edit and Revert Stats

  1. Nemo says:

    Thank you! This is fantastic, best news for Wikimedia analytics in many months (probably since 2010 when you first produced them). 🙂
    I know of several wikis which use those charts frequently to adjust their practices.

  2. Erik says:

    Hi Nemo, you’re most welcome! I’m also glad these stats are back.

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