The Wikimedia Report Card

After several months of incremental development and internal circulation within WMF, the Wikimedia Report Card goes public. It was commissioned to help board, staff, community and outsiders get a quick overview over trends.

The nature of the report dictates conciseness, especially in the summarized versions. For further analysis the report contains links that lead to other, more detailed wikistats reports. All charts cover exactly one year.

The Report Card comes in three layouts:

  1. A detailed report with tabs for different views on the data. Most charts come in three variations:
    • Absolute numbers on a linear scale
    • Absolute numbers on a logarithmic scale
      This allows widely diverging values to appear in one chart, but makes growth curves less intuitive to interpret
    • An indexed version, with allows comparison of relative growth trends: each line starts at 100% for first month
  2. A summary in one column for online browsing
  3. A summary in two columns for printing on one large sheet
    (follow link on the page for print instructions)


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6 Responses to The Wikimedia Report Card

  1. LA2 says:

    Thanks, this is great! But the graphs say “absolute growth” where they should say “absolute numbers”.

  2. notafish says:

    This is excellent, thanks for the work done! Just a quick remark. Under the tab “movers and shakers” in “page requests”, the column “language+project” only shows language to me (not project), which makes it difficult to understand. 🙂

  3. Erik says:

    @LA2 thanks, absolute trend ? indexed trend ?

  4. Erik says:

    @notafish thanks, I will add wp: wq: etc as prefix. It just happens to be all wikipedia’s in this case but it is confusing.

  5. notafish says:

    Ah weird, I saw two “English” with different value, which is the reason I noticed it in the first place 🙂

  6. Erik says:

    It turns out there were two non wikipedia projects already. There is now a project prefix.

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