Wikistats Portal 2.0

People ask me from time to time: “We know there is a lot of statistical information for the Wikimedia projects, but what exactly is there, and how can I find it?

Recently I did an overhaul for the portal, located at

Portal 1.0

Simple layout. ‘Somewhat’ basic.


Portal 2.0

Design principle: every referenced table and chart is introduced briefly. Partial screen shots can help you to recognize and revisit your favorite pages on a next session.

Tab 1: Introduction

The revised and extended portal has a brief introduction for the process. The scripts can also be downloaded from this page. Raw data files are available, in spreadsheet friendly comma separated value (csv) format.


Tab 2: Regular Reports

The second tab brings you to the regular or standard reports. Click the icon for the project you want to learn more about. It brings you to the sitemap for that project.

Also you will find an explanation of central terms here, and navigational instructions.


Tab 3: Special Reports

These are one-off reports, and some monthly reports with unusual topic or depth.


Tab 4: See also…

Last but certainly not least are the many reports produced by others, often refreshed periodically.


Over the years we have seen some stunning visualizations. For some of these it may take a few moments to realize what they try to communicate. But all are very pleasing to the eye, and testimonies of the richness and complexity of our projects.


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5 Responses to Wikistats Portal 2.0

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  2. Joe says:

    Are there any statistics on the OSs and browsers used by visitors to the site?

  3. Tgr says:

    Nice. Special reports were rather hard to find before.

    On the other hand, those in the all-wikis-in-one-huge-table format are still a pain to read. It would be nice if data like monthly pageviews would be included in the per-wiki regular report pages.

  4. Erik says:

    @Tgr, thx. Yes those huge 250×100 tables have outgrown their intended size.

    I need to compact them (some day) like per-wiki tables: 12 last months + all history quarterly.

    Having said that your suggestion to add page views to per-wiki page sounds fine. I’ll make a mental note of it for next maintenance cycle.

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