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Partipication level, a new metric

Article count, a well established but corroding metric For many years the key metric that wikimedians and outside observers (e.g. press) have used to describe the success of our projects has been article count. We use this metric for trend … Continue reading

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Wikistats Portal 2.0

People ask me from time to time: “We know there is a lot of statistical information for the Wikimedia projects, but what exactly is there, and how can I find it?” Recently I did an overhaul for the portal, located … Continue reading

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Wikipedia’s Growth Animated

For Wikimania 2009 I updated this animation, which I had first published in March 2008. Thanks to Hans Rosling for inspiration. I chose to use newest technology for implementation (html 5, canvas object, javascript only). Hence the animation runs only … Continue reading

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