New statistics for the English Wikipedia

Note see for in depth (technical) coverage a follow-up post on this subject.

For the first time since October 2006 there are new wikistats data for the English Wikipedia. This also allows publication of much wanted totals for all wikipedias combined, and trend forecasts.

User and bot activity levels (bot = automated edit tool) are now reported in much finer detail and with more specificity.

A revised scheme for counting newcomers on the projects gives a more balanced view on the resilience of the editing community.





Added July 20: The line chart above shows same data as bar chart below.
Added for easier comparison with other charts.


Monthly arrival of new wikipedians on English Wikipedia. Chart resized to fit, see full size version

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6 Responses to New statistics for the English Wikipedia

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  3. phoebe says:

    thank you, thank you for the statistics. Can we reproduce the first chart in the Wikipedia Signpost? — [[user:phoebe]]

  4. Erik says:

    Of course, all wikistats charts and texts in this blog are CC-BY-SA. I still need to attach a plate that says so.

  5. Naoko Komura says:

    This is a huge milestone achieved. A big thank-you to Erik Zahte and Tomasz Finc to make the vital statistics for English Wikipedia available. The usability team was eager to see the benchmark statistics for editors and articles. Separation of bot activities from user activities and tracking granular levels of user activities are extremely important in quantifying the usability improvements.

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