Phase transition

Today I start my part-time (40%) job at the Wikimedia Foundation. In my capacity of Data Analyst I will, as Brion put it:  “continue to maintain and develop code to provide critical operational metrics about our projects. A key first project, for example, will be the integration of traffic statistics into the WikiStats package. These metrics will be key to communications, fundraising, internal evaluation, and for many other purposes.

I started wikistats in August 2003, after I gained knowledge of the Mediawiki SQL dump format for an earlier project: Wikipedia on your handheld.

Incidentally my first edit on the English Wikipedia (October 2002) was on statistics, namely the importance of Florence Nightingale for the development of epidemiological statistics, and particularly her usage of the polar diagram.

Right now seems an appropriate moment to start a blog, to keep those interested posted about my progress, but just as importantly to solicit feedback and ideas. Because of the latter some of the posts will be rather technical in nature, others will aim for a wider audience.

Enough about me. There is work to be done.

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