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Statistics for all Wikipedias (test site)

This site is now only used to test new translations.

Since August 2003 the international statistics are online on the Wikipedia server.
Online statistics will be refreshed each week after the databases have been backed up.

The online statistics provide uniform and consistent counts right form the start of the project based on the new counting system that was introduced medio 2003 . So no strange jumps in number of articles when a Wikipedia changed to the new system (the Dutch Wikipedia jumped from 7000 to 9000 articles overnight, the effect on the Japanese Wikipedia was even more dramatic).

Statistics are now available online for 80+ Wikipedias, in 15 languages:

Catalan, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish and Walloon

On this site (test phase): Slovenian

You can have these statistics pages in another language, if you download this file and translate the texts.

The reports have been produced by a PERL script that parses the weekly SQL dump files.

Comma Separated Value (CSV) files, for import in a spreadsheet, are also available.

Erik Zachte - Amsterdam (nospam: xxx=erikzachte).

2004 March 12: Lots of line charts have been added. While the existing tables and bar charts show monthly figures, these new charts have a resolution of weeks, some of days.
2003 September 18: Word count, Page size distribution and Visitor Stats added
2003 August 26: Predictions for end of current month added
2003 August 17: Statistics are now online
2003 August 16: Unicode bug fix: Japanese names were shown in Chinese, not anymore
2003 August 13: Overall counts for the whole project added.
2003 August 9: Overview report now also shows charts
2003 August 7: Overview and Sitemap added
2003 August 6: Charts added
Tested for Explorer (OK), Mozilla (OK), Opera (OK), Konqueror (bit messy due to oversized fonts).
July 28: Wikipedias are now ordered by number of internal links (excl. redirects)
This seems a fairer base for comparing the total effort than either number of articles or database size:
Number of articles is not so meaningful given the fact that some Wikipedias have many short articles, or even many automatically generated articles, while other Wikipedias have less but much longer articles, all handwritten.
Database size depends on coding system (unicode characters take several bytes) and on how much meaning can be conveyed by one character (e.g. Chinese characters are whole words).

July 28: Zoom in/out buttons do not work yet on all browsers (they do work in Microsoft Explorer and Opera).

July 28: Comma Separated Value (CSV) files are available
July 28: Reports for comparison of Wikipedias are now available

July 22: Figures for the first monthes are in fact too low.
This is caused by a former bug (or reverted design decision) to delete oldest history for articles that went through many changes. Different Wikipedias suffered from this till different dates (software upgrades are not synchronized - yet). I will include this remark on each page.
July 21: Start dates for active Wikipedians are now calculated properly.

Incorrect dates were caused by a bug in the Wikipedia database. Page moves are now ignored.
July 20: Unicode support added