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For several years since 2003 Wikipedia for TomeRaider was the only product on any handheld device that allowed you to browse the unabridged Wikipedia offline. I keep these pages for historical reference only.

Complete Wikipedia Encyclopedia on your handheld or notebook


Installing Unicode fonts

This section applies to the Pocket PC version only. (You can use the fonts on your Windows PC as well).

Native Pocket PC support for math symbols and foreign characters is limited. Unrecognized characters will be displayed as a small box. The following procedure overcomes this limitation (see screenshots below). Installing a Unicode font is optional.

My script supports two Unicode fonts: CODE2000 and Arial Unicode MS.


Code2000.ttf (3.1 MB) is shareware ($5).

Download here; look for 'demo' font.
Copy Code2000.ttf to \Windows\Fonts or to the memory card (see below)

Arial Unicode MS

'Arial Unicode MS.ttf' (24 MB!) has been developed by Microsoft.

This font used to be freely available on the web, but is now shipped only with Office 2000, FrontPage 2000, Office XP and Publisher 2002. It contains TrueType hints, and is therefore better suited for rendering text at small point sizes. You will definitely want to install this font on a memory card.

Windows: Activate a unicode font.

TomeRaider for Windows delegates page rendering to Internet Explorer.

In Internet Explorer you can switch from default font Times Roman to a unicode font (e.g. Arial Unicode MS) via menu Tools, item Internet Options, first tab Fonts. Switch to another font in listbox Webface font. This effects text rendering in Internet Explorer and TomeRaider alike.

Pocket PC: Install a font on a memory card

  1. Create folder \Fonts on the memory card and copy Code2000.ttf or 'Arial Unicode MS.ttf' to this folder.

  2. Run FontOnStorage.exe (freeware). As a result the Pocket PC will be able to find fonts in this new folder. You need to rerun this tiny app after a soft reset (or put it in your Startup folder).

Only support for native PPC font,
which has a limited character set

Support for Unicode fonts Code2000 and
Arial Unicode MS (shown) added