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For several years since 2003 Wikipedia for TomeRaider was the only product on any handheld device that allowed you to browse the unabridged Wikipedia offline. I keep these pages for historical reference only.

Complete Wikipedia Encyclopedia on your handheld or notebook


How to create the TomeRaider 2 file

Oct 2005: TomeRaider 2 specific support will be finished, as it is no longer needed.

Procedure for converting a TomeRaider 3 file to TomeRaider 2 format

It is possible to convert a TR3 file to TR2 format using (unregistered) TomeRaider 3 for Windows, as follows:
  1. Build, Buy or Borrow a Wikipedia for TomeRaider 3 file.
    Choose a Palm version text only, if available. Otherwise a Pocket PC version with or without images will do.
    Images will be replaced by a notification, as TomeRaider 2 does not support images. The Palm version matches more closely the capabilities of the TR2 platform (no html tables, no unicode font support).
  2. Download the evaluation copy of TomeRaider 3 for Windows, and install.
  3. Start TomeRaider 3 and open the file you want to convert.
  4. Click menu 'File', item 'Export to TR2'
  5. Take a long break.
  6. Enjoy reading and impress your friends ;-)