EasyTimeline - Generate graphical timelines from a simple script

4. Download instructions

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You will need the following:


  • EasyTimeline (my Perl script, compiled to an executable - Beta!)

  • Ploticus for Windows, a plotting tool (free) which does the actual rendering.

  • Nconvert (free) to convert gif's to png's.

This zip file contains all three programs.

Make sure all three programs are on your default path, or keep them all in the same folder.


  • EasyTimeline.pl (my Perl script - Beta!)

  • Ploticus for Linux, a plotting tool (free) which does the actual rendering.

  • A perl interpreter. (You probably have one already, comes with most Linux distributions).

    I can recommend ActivePerl 5.8 (free). Do not use version 5.6.1 ; it is buggy (memory leaks).

Return to 3: Script Syntax Copyright (C) 2004 Erik Zachte, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Email:erikzachte@+++.com (nospam: +++=infodisiac).

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EasyTimeline is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.