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For several years since 2003 Wikipedia for TomeRaider was the only product on any handheld device that allowed you to browse the unabridged Wikipedia offline. I keep these pages for historical reference only.

Download the Wikipedia Encyclopedia for your handheld or notebook


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For the price of two pizza's and a bottle of wine you can order an English edition on DVD
with 900,000 unabridged Wikipedia articles and 320,000 images (2005)
or even 1.9 million articles in a brand new unabridged text-only edition (2007).

A German edition on DVD with 660,000 articles and 300,000 images is now also available.
A French edition on DVD with 610,000 articles and 234,000 images is now also available.

Oct 2007: A Spanish edition with images is expected soon.

YearText-only fileSizeMD5 Checksum (for verification)
2005English (P)PC 1213 Mb9194f198b771c75fcc576ad6be9512ee
2005English Palm 1166 Mb964df267a6adcf4f78912d6dfc7abc4f
July 2007German (P)PC * 1353 Mb78919d8d9ea869861a9384209565e65c
July 2007German Palm * 1237 Mb56abcda50f99c2a4ad852534613b4ecf
August 2007French (P)PC 1067 Mbd44c1119c4183fe254fb47c44246cd13
August 2007French Palm 914 Mb6c181621643a50f1afa67335ac263907
2005Polish (P)PC 141 Mb8d6b67d9d28d2f9165d7bb2249d28447
2005Polish Palm 118 Mb1a6573462977a33957ed4d2ae10f2784
2005Dutch (P)PC 121 Mbace87e8523dcfa771312c1d71fd51221
2005Dutch Palm 113 Mb1fb08d0bd397754160b037f5c7fa78a7
2005Spanish (P)PC 112 Mbdf44d7bb9f164866834f357614ef551f
2005Spanish Palm 106 Mba6d99554238a56f52a43881e6b34ac4e
2005Esperanto (P)PC 25 Mbd51b79ffd58cb7c58e9f690aa801b5a5
2005Esperanto Palm 24 Mb7c749ef1e486a25a424d162ad27acd81
* = Recompiled with aliasses

Tip: Pocket PC users: rename the file that you actually load on your handheld, and use a shorter name, but keep the file extension (.tr3) unaltered
E.g. file name WP_ENG.tr3 makes it easier to recognize the file in the TomeRaider file selection box.

Reminder: Palm users need to rename the extension to .pdb

For explanation of codes and procedures see here.

Mb is million bytes here, not a megabyte, which is slightly more.

The German Wikipedia is temporarily available with and without aliasses (= redirects), so that people can check whether there is a performance penalty to have aliasses included, due to larger index.